1804 Napoleon declared Emperor; 18 Marshals of the Empire created; Eagles presented to the Army in Boulogne 1810 Napoleon's wedding to Marie-Louise
1805 Napoleon proclaimed King of Italy; Grande Armée crosses the Rhine; Victories at Elchingen, Ulm, Austerlitz; Defeat at Trafalgar 1811 Victories of Badajoz, Tarragona, and Sagunta; Birth of Napoleon II, François Charles Joseph, King of Rome
1806 Confederation of the Rhine created; Victories at Jena and Auerstadt; Continental blockade established 1812 Wellington defeats the French at Ciudad Rodrigo; War is declared on Russia; Napoleon enters Moscow in September; Grand Armée begins retreat from Moscow in October
1807 Battle of Eylau; Victories at Danzig and Friedland; Junot enters Lisbon 1813 Prussia and Austria declare war on France; Victories of Lutzen, Bautzen, Dresden; Bavaria defects from the Empire; Defeat at Leipzig
1808 Murat enters Madrid; Joseph named King of Spain, flees shortly thereafter; Napoleon enters Spain in October and retakes Madrid 1814 Campaign in France, Paris surrenders in March; Napoleon abdicates the throne; Louis XVIII returns to Paris; Napoleon exiled to Elba
1809 Victories of Landschut, Eckmühl, and Wagram; Napoleon divorces Josephine 1815 Napoleon escapes from Elba; Defeat at Waterloo; Napoleon abdicates for second time, exiled to St. Helena


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